Stroubles Creek Site

Stroubles Creek - Research Site

Stroubles Creek is an urban stream, flowing through the Virginia Tech campus, which serves as our primary stream 'under study and research'. The Stroubles Creek Watershed is a sub-watershed of the New River Watershed, its natural headwaters located beyond downtown Blacksburg. From its headwaters, Stroubles Creek flows through the downtown area and under the Drill Field before emptying into Virginia Tech's Duck Pond. The stream picks up sediment and runoff from businesses and parking lots along its way and becomes impaired near the Duck Pond.


Since the stream passes through the town of Blacksburg, it undergoes water quality changes in man-made events - like Football Game days, big parties, building construction on the stream's bank in addition to rain/storm/snow events.Interesting case studies are under development to see impact of human activities and interrelationships of water parameters. The LEWAS Site on Stroubles Creek is located on W. Campus Drive across the road from North Hahn Hall.


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