LEWAS Lab relies on water and weather sensors on Stroubles Creek which log data 24x7. Brief summary of our equipment:


Hydrolab Sonde MS5 - Water quality measuring device

Sontek Argonaut SW - Flow meter

Water quality measurement unit inserted in the stream that provides real-time pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, temperature, turbidity, and conductivity data.

Mounted at a 45deg angle into the stream and calibrated once every two weeks. 

Data logging: Every 30 seconds.

Hydrolab MiniSonde 5 (MS5) 
Detailed Specifications 


 Monitors water flow in real-time using Doppler Effect; also monitors water depth. Placed at the bottom of the stream. The stream cross-section has been mapped and an equation devised in MatLab which processes flow data and gives the water velocity and volumetric flow rate.

Data logging: Every 30 seconds. 

SonTek Argonaut SW

Detailed Specifications | How it works 


Vaisala Weather Station WXT520

Raspberry Pi

Monitors weather conditions such as barometric pressure, wind speed, temperature, precipitation and relative humidity.

The Weather Station data can also be viewed LIVE here: Live Weather Data*

 Vaisala Weather Station Detailed Specifications

* System may not be up and running if we are running tests or modifying code.

A Raspberry Pi is a system on a computer chip that is about the size of a credit card and has all the main characteristics of a full desktop computer. It can easily be placed in the LEWAS field site in the control box and can be accessed remotely from the lab. The Raspberry Pi can be connected to several sensors with the help of a simple usb hub for real time data acquisition.

The Raspberry Pi brings much flexibility to the system and is the best fit for data collection in LEWAS. In this implementation the Raspberry Pi is running a derivative of the open source Debian Linux Distribution called Raspbian. Raspbian is a Linux distribution that has been optimized to run on a Raspberry Pi.

 Raspberry Pi