Ongoing Student Projects

Ongoing Student Projects

Civil Engineering Team 


Channel Cross Section Studies

The LEWAS station sits in a natural stream cross section between two bridge culverts.  After large storm events the channel experiences erosion as well as sediment deposition from mobilized sediment upstream. Because of this the cross sectional area and stream shape will change over time.  Students are using surveying equipment to measure the changes in channel shape in order to investigate the extent of these changes over time.




Water Quality Sonde Calibration
The water quality sonde collects water quality data every 3-5 minutes. In order to obtain reliable water quality data, the sonde is taken out of the field and into the lab for calibration every 3 weeks. The drift of the water quality data including the pH, specific conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and oxygen reduction potential are currently being studied by the LEWAS team.



Data Verification
Reliable data is a key component of the LEWAS Lab and a primary goal is to ensure the quality of the data we are collecting. Projects this semester include watershed area verification, land use studies, and tracer studies. In addition to these we are installing a pressure transducer in a weir a few meters upstream to obtain a secondary flow measurement. Students are using an ArcPAD to collect stormwater network data in order to verify the watershed boundary draining to our site as well as develop hydraulic inputs for a stormwater model.



Site Maintenance
Site maintenance and upkeep is an ongoing and constant task. Tasks include clearing debris and sediment accumulation off of the flow and water quality sensors, cleaning algae growth off of the sensors, repair of equipment damage as a result of large storms, and general site cleanup.




Electrical Engineering Team

Building a LabVIEW based Watershed Monitoring System

LEWAS electrical team members are using LabVIEW 2011 to build new VIs to build a Watershed Monitoring System. The old VI built with LabVIEW 2008 version will be  replaced by the new version 2011. The main goal of using LabVIEW 2011 in building the system is to be able to run three VIs for weather station, flowmeter and sonde simulataneoulsy. 


Building a MySQL based Database and a Web Interface

MySQL based Database will enable the LEWAS team to store and manupulate data obatained from the live stream. The data will be directly transfered to the database from LabVIEW. Data from a particular day or time can be easily obtained from the database using a web interface. The main purpose of buiding a reliable web interface is to be able to manupulate data stored in the database easily and efficiently.



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