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              The LabVIEW Enhanced Watershed Assessment System (LEWAS) research lab is an interdisciplinary research group that uses real-time watershed monitoring sensors to enhance student education and promote environmental research across multiple disciplines. The members of the lab come from a variety of backgrounds including engineering education, electrical engineering, computer engineering, civil and environmental engineering, chemical engineering, and biological and systems engineering. Currently there are 4 graduate students and 4 undergraduate students working in the lab, and in the past the lab has graduated 3 graduate students (2 MS, 1 PhD), 6 undergraduate students, and hosted 5 NSF REU students. The LEWAS requires an interdisciplinary team due to the various components and expertise required for creating and maintaining a real-time watershed monitoring lab.

More Posters:

  • Roy, S., Bradner, A., Brogan, D., Martinez, M., Prateek, D. & Lohani, V. K. (2012). Multi-track Research Endeavors at LEWAS Lab. Poster session presented at 2nd Interdisciplinary Research Conference, Virginia Tech Download Details 
  • Martinez, M., Bradner, A., Brogan, D., Rogers, M., Delgoshaei, P. &. Lohani, V.K. (2012). Study and Application of a Real-Time Environmental Monitoring System. 
  • Delgoshaei, P., Green, C., Prateek, D., Sadowski, M., & Lohani, V. K. (2011). Enhancing Environmental Awareness of Freshman Engineering Students through Real-Time Monitoring with LabVIEW Software. Poster session presented at 3rd Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Virginia Tech Download 
  • Delgoshaei, P., Green, C. & Lohani, V. K. (2010). Applications of dataflow programming in sustainability education. Poster session presented at the NSF Awardees Conference, Reston, VA Download
  • Delgoshaei, P., Kenny, J., Lohani, V. K. & Younos, T. (2008). Integrating LabVIEW and real-time monitoring into watershed assessment. Poster session presentation at NI Week 2008, Austin, TX Download

PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Green, Chelsea (2011). Design and Application of a Remote Water Quality and Quantity Lab in Blacksburg, VA. Master's Project and Report, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

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