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EGR-120 - Introduction to Engineering @ Virginia Western Community College

As part of a NSF-funded project under the TUES program, a Remote Water Sustainability lab (LEWAS Lab) was integrated into an introductory-level engineering course at Virginia Western Community College (VWCC). The course goals were introducing ethics, performing hand calculations and unit conversions, and performing problem solving via software. The LEWAS-based learning module implemented in the class added a demonstration of the practical application of LabVIEW and gave students hands-on measurement experience through the LaMotte water quality test kits. Additionally, in-class exercises using MS Excel were held to introduce concepts of hand calculation and measurement errors were introduced.
IRB-approved pretest and posttest were administered to the students and preliminary reports suggest the following themes:

First phase of implementation was accomplished  in Spring 2013, and this was further continued in Fall 2013. To date, the LEWAS-based modules have been incorporated into two introduction to engineering courses at VWCC and the work is still in progress.


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