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EGR-120 - Introduction to Engineering @ Virginia Western Community College

As part of a NSF-funded project under the TUES program, a Remote Water Sustainability lab (LEWAS Lab) was integrated into an introductory-level engineering course at Virginia Western Community College (VWCC). The course goals were introducing ethics, performing hand calculations and unit conversions, and performing problem solving via software. The LEWAS-based learning module implemented in the class added a demonstration of the practical application of LabVIEW and gave students hands-on measurement experience through the LaMotte water quality test kits. Additionally, in-class exercises using MS Excel were held to introduce concepts of hand calculation and measurement errors were introduced.
IRB-approved pretest and posttest were administered to the students and preliminary reports suggest the following themes:

  • Pretest: Students expressed an anticipation of learning about the impacts of man-made activities on watersheds, an understanding of the importance of watershed education and sustainable development, and a concern with time management difficulties and unfamiliarity with testing equipment
  • Posttest: Students acknowledge the value of monitoring water quality and quantity, improving knowledge of man-made impacts to water quality and quantity, and overcoming challenges due to coordinating time with group members to go to field site.

First phase of implementation was accomplished  in Spring 2013, and this was further continued in Fall 2013. To date, the LEWAS-based modules have been incorporated into two introduction to engineering courses at VWCC and the work is still in progress.


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