Key Components:

(Last edited on Oct. 8, 2015)

Some key components of the OWLS are as follows:

Site Map
The site map shows the possible means of navigation through this learning system and provides quick access to various components of the system.

LEWAS Intro and Watershed Summary
The LEWAS Introduction and the watershed summary provide important background information conserning the LEWAS setting, development and operation.

Overhead View
The overhead view provides a spatial reference for key components of the watershed including the watershed boundary and waterways and the location of the LEWAS measurement site.

Live LEWAS Data
The Live LEWAS Data page provides an interactive graphical interface to compare various parameters measured by the LEWAS. It also contains time-stamped imagery that corresponds to the data plotted. The plotted data can be copied from the data download page (when available).

Case Studies
Case studies describe both key types of events that happen in the watershed and key aspects of the LEWAS data collection system. Several case studies can be found on the home screen.

Live Camera
The live camera provides visual reference of conditions at the field site.

Weather Radar
The weather radar provides a visual precipitation reference.

The glossary describes many key terms related to this system and watershed monitoring in general.